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Download Instagram Profile picture in full size

Download Full Resolution Instagram Profile Picture

Have you ever been able to view a full-size personal profile photo on Instagram but not be able to figure out how to do it? igcrab solves this problem! igcrab is a free service that allows anyone to search for an account and view a user's profile photo in high quality.

With all the features Instagram offers, the site is restricted on this crucial detail: the lowercase profile picture. Having the option to set your profile to private and choose any name as your username limits the information others receive about your account. Without the option to enlarge the profile picture to get a clear view of the face being displayed, people who are picky about their followers can get frustrated. Instead of wasting time asking your friends or family to help you identify an unknown user, try igcrab to make your life easier.

Zooming in on Instagram profile pictures with igcrab is very easy. In the search box above, type the username you want to see their full-resolution profile picture, or place the profile link and click the search result. The profile picture of the user in question is displayed in full resolution. You can download the full resolution Instagram profile photo on your phone and PC by clicking the download button just below.